Unidentified Flying Object

Buell grew up with Ft. Myers native Jimmy Flynn.  Later Jimmy was a well-liked and respected business owner and former constable who unsuccessfully ran for Sheriff in 1956.  It seems Jimmy had gone to the Everglades to train his hunting dogs, near the Devil’s Garden area, approx. 20 miles SE of the Big Cypress Reservation.  On a near full moon night around 2 a.m. on March 15, 1965, he observed a bright light in the distance and started driving to it in his swamp buggy.  As he got closer, the sound became deafening and he saw a three-story cone shaped object with four tiers of windows encircling the top portion of the object.  He was knocked unconscious with tremendous force by an unknown source, waking up the next day with the loss of his eyesight.  When he regained some sight he was able to get back to Fort Myers where he was hospitalized.

A few months later Buell listened closely to his friend’s description of what happened, taking notes and drawing until Jimmy was satisfied with the object’s image. Buell went to work on the painting in the studio behind his realty office.

U.F.O. lithograph

Contact us about this beautiful 1993 lithograph titled "Moon Watch" by Buell Whitehead. It had a very limited production to 200 prints.

Image size is quite impressive at 34″ wide and 27″ high.