Cross section of Orbit playing board

Orbit, The Board Game

When he started to slow down in his late sixties, Buell invented Orbit the Brain Game.  The game pieces were space ships and he designed all the artwork on the game board.  Having received one patent outside the United States, he had 2,000 games produced.  However, a widely-recognized creator of board games objected to his use of the word “orbit” and ultimately he could not secure a U.S. patent.  Unable then to sell them, he donated all the games to the U.S. Army during the Gulf War.

Playing board from Orbit, A Brain Game

Great for Framing

This beautiful lithograph created and printed by Buell Whitehead to go with "Orbit, The Brain Game" he invented in 1990.  The finished image size is approximately 18″ x 18″ after trimming and is designed to be laminated to a folding board.  The board print available are the original printed lithographs untrimmed showing the color process on the edge.

This piece ships in a tube to prevent creasing.

We cannot offer refunds on merchandise once it has been shipped.