numbered boxes for letters of the alphabet

Buell Whitehead Color Lithographs

Date Title
  Alabama Road
1946 Annabelle Lee
  Apple Market
unknown Bayou
1946 Blue and Gold
late 1940’s Camellia
unknown Cane Cutters
  Chenille Factory
1992 Copra Time
1986 Crab Man
late 1940’s Dark Canyon
1946 Death Valley Sunset
1945 Fat Lightered Tree
1988 Fire Flies
late 1940’s Fisherman’s House
1986 Flower Girls
unknown Four Mule Team
1946 Gennie
1946 Guarding Arms
1945 Hammock Ponds
late 1940’s Head of Christ
1946 Hickory Pass
unknown Island Hut in Paradise
1992 Late Firing [Night Firing]
1992 Late Visitors
1946 Marcia Louise
1993 Moon Watch
1992 Moonlight &Cypress
1992 Morning Catch
1946 Navajo Brave
1946 Navajo Woman
1945 Oleanders
1945 or 1946 Persephone
unknown Pig Snatcher
late 1940’s Pond Birds
late 1940’s Redondo Beach
1946 Returning Traders
1946 Seminole Family
1946 Shasta Daisies
unknown Shrub Rose
1946 Slaves Bearing Gifts [Cavalcade]
unknown Sled Team
1946 Storm Tide
1946 Summer Rain
late 1940’s Ten Thousand Islands
unknown Thomas Edison
1946 Three Brothers
1946 Three Sisters
late 1940’s Tobacco Barns
late 1940’s Walker’s Slough
1945 Water Lilies
approx. 1950 White Heron
unknown Wild Boar
1946 Wild Boar
1986 William Henry’s Boat
1946 Wood Choppers
1945 Woods Fire
approx. 1950 Woods Ibis